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How to get the Perfect Summer Job

I realize there is still snow on the ground and we haven’t even hit winter reading week, but now is the time to start looking for your 2015 summer job! Many application deadlines are fast approaching, and it is better to apply early than wait till the last minute.

Thing to keep in mind for getting a Job

First you are going to need a resume. Obviously this is an important document which may break or make your success in the job hunt. Therefore use the resources provided by Brock to produce the best one. What is this resource you ask? THE CAREER RESOURCE CENTRE located on the main floor of the library!

They are dedicated career development practitioners, who provide services, opportunities and experiences leading students and alumni to meaningful careers. They connect you with employers and foster collaborative partnerships within Brock and the broader community.

Why not get them to look over a hard copy of your resume before you submit it to an employer? They are open Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm, so make use of them!

Second you are going to need a job to apply for and to use your beautiful resume on. But where do you look? Why not again use a Brock resource such as the Career Zone? With job postings from across Ontario and posting for jobs on campus this is the best place to start. With full-time and part-time jobs available you are sure to find a potential job.

However still looking and want to broaden your options? Try Job Bank a website created by the government of Canada which offers a job posting board for students or try visiting your nearest Wegmans Store for MyWegmansConnect job. You can search specifically to your city or region. How cool is that!!

You can also become a photographer to click some Diwali photos

Now you have found the job you want but unfortunately you are not qualified for it because you don’t have the necessary training or licences. For instance, if you are looking at a job in child care you will need First Aid and CPR but where can you get it? The answer is simple BROCK U! The Brock University Recreation Services offer a variety of course pertaining to First Aid and CPR on pretty every weekend! Therefore there is no excuse not for not finding time to get certified.

So you aren’t for a job in child care, instead you want to work in a restaurant, particularity who serve alcohol. Then you are going to need your Smart Serve which can be done online and in only 4 hours!

As you can see there is not a lot barriers you can’t overcome to find the job right for you in the summer!

SO get going Badgers and secure those summer jobs before it’s too late and you are stuck at a job you hate!…

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